Nadmaa uses a transparent and authentic approach in implementing solutions that reduce the impact of Covid-19 in business environments.

Coronavirus has impacted the world at an unprecedented level — the collapse of customer demand, significant regulatory modifications, supply chain interruptions, unemployment, economic recession, and increased uncertainty. Business executives globally now face enormous challenges: complying with public health orders and maintaining a safe business environment to boost customer trust and receive staff, visitors, and students.

Here are some of Nadmaa's solutions;

Temperature Checks

Fever a temporary increase in body temperature is one of the symptoms of Covid-19, regulations in different locations request that people with elevated body temperatures be restricted from entering business premises. Nadmaa can protect your business by keeping your doors shut or notifying (SMS & email) when people with elevated temperatures try to access your facility.

Mask Enforcement

Mask wearing is the single best public health measure to stop the spread of Covid other than vaccination according to a publication in the Daily Mail UK. There are also government regulations that enforce the wearing of masks on businesses premises. With Nadmaa you can easily prevent people not wearing masks from gaining access into your premises.

Vaccination Verification

Governments now issue certificates for proof of vaccination and in some cases provide scanning apps to read these certificates. The challenge we have is that people with certificates from different regions or countries can’t be verified by these local apps. Our current solution is able to help you verify various vaccine certificates for various regions and over 40 countries.

Screening Questionnaire

It is compulsory to complete Covid Screening questions before you gain access to some business premises. Nadmaa helps you easily create questionnaires and grants access to only those who meet your set conditions.Our R&D and software development teams have integrated these solutions into attendance, access control, and visitor management systems.